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Since its beginning, “Amani Trading Company” never relied on third parties regarding the construction of its buildings, offices, factories and showrooms.

“A.T.C Construction” has a complete and fully equipped division of construction, from architects, to engineers,   to construction workers.


The reason to be of “A.T.C Construction” intitially was to meet its real estates needs for the various divisions of the company, however, the company’s management rapidly saw in it a bigger opportunity.


Today, “A.T.C Construction” is renting offices, showrooms, warehouses and apartments to both the private and the public sector. In 2013, “A.T.C Construction” finalized the sale of a new building to one of the largest banks of the country.


The construction division of A.T.C. alongside A.T.C.-IB, further developed the activities of the group into acquiring interior design contracts with prominent hotels such as “Ibis Hotel” and “Novotel”, but also with the Real Estate Development Projects group as well as with the government.



“A.T.C Construction” adapted wood products from “A.T.C-IB” into realizing “all in wood” interior decorations, with customized windows, doors and staircases.



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