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This principle constitutes a fundamental rule at “Amani Trading Company”, a company that grew with, from and for a community where many are in need.

The company held various charitable events over the years, without however having proper planning in views of long term goals.


In 2004, “Amani Trading Company” decided to focus on helping the community solve one major concern: the hardship of access to education.

The company built and funded the first Lebanese School in Benin, targeting not only Lebanese expatriates, but also locals. The management of the school was placed under a partnership between the Lebanese Association, the Lebanese Ministry of Education and the Benin Ministry of Education.


A lack of education decreases people’s chances of getting good jobs, ultimately putting a halt to the development and the prosperity of their families and the country as a whole. Just having basic skills such as reading and math can help a person change the course of his life.

However, in the countryside, it is still considered preferable for children to work in the agricultural fields than to go to school, for example, the areas surrounding “A.T.C-IB” wood plantations.

Therefore, after deep analysis of the educational system in those areas and of the mentalities, the management of A.T.C. sought to adapt.


Today, “A.T.C” is planning to open the first “School for Carpenters” in the region, in order to cope with the resilience of the families living in surrounding villages to allow their children their right to education.


Under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, The School for Carpenters will receives children and provides them with both academic teachings and technical skills, with direct application exercises. The school which will be located within the factory, will be totally free of charge and for the only purpose of providing children a formation of three years, at the end of which, they will receive an official state diploma.

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