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“A.T.C Home Appliances” began its importing activity with black and white televisions to Benin in 1989, then, in 1993, the company witnessed a rapid expansion and increased market share by becoming the first importer of colored televisions in the country and in the region, starting point of a success story where the name “A.T.C” started to be associated with its television brand “BEKO”.


A.T.C. is the exclusive representative and distributor of BEKO in West Africa, having in its portfolio the complete range of products the Turkish manufacturer offers (i.e.: televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, kitchen robots...etc.).


BEKO is a global domestic appliance and consumer electronics manufacturer, which provides a wide product range. The brand is the official sponsor of the football team Barcelona FC.


Today, the home appliances division of A.T.C. employs 150+ individuals, from sales representatives to management and many other well known brands as Westpoints or Hisense.  

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