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Amani Trading Company SARL better known as A.T.C, was established in May 1982 in Cotonou. Pioneer in the domain of Trade in Africa, A.T.C was the first company in Benin to offer buy now pay later options to its customers. 

The company has experienced an exponential growth over the years thanks to its leadership and aggressive sales strategy. In 1993, after 11 years of working in the Textile industry, A.T.C redirected its activities into the home appliance industry by becoming the exclusive distributor of the Turkish manufacturer “ BEKO”.

Since then, the group grew to be known as A.T.C BEKO, gaining a very strong and deeply rooted reputation within West African markets and taking the lead of the industry in Benin till this day. 

Our team recognizes the importance of innovation, hence the constant development of customer oriented products and activities in order to meet the ever changing market needs and challenges of tomorrow. 


A.T.C further developed  its portfolio of activities in 2005 by creating “A.T.C-IB”, the first wood manufacturing factory of its kind in the region (where IB stands for "Industrie de Bois", French for  “Wood Industry”), quickly meeting European standards of production and opening its exports to Europe and the USA. 


A.T.C-IB acquired and grew more than 150 acres of forestry plantations and owns the whole supply chain of production from forestry plantation to finished goods sales, proposing a varied range of products.


A.T.C is also the exclusive representative and seller of motorcycles from the Japanese brand “HONDA” and the Indian brand “BAJAJ”.


Finally, the company has many buildings in Benin and West Africa, and has developed an expertise in the industry of construction. Today, our buildings are rented by national banks, offices and shops by companies and apartments for living.


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